I’m just another developer blogging. Although I sincerely hope this blog might benefit someone else, I mostly started it as a backup of knowledge for myself. I’ve working with sitecore since end of 2014, although I did take the developer course way back when for sitecore 6.something. Before that I did web development on another (smaller) CMS called Smartsite. And some pure .NET backend development. My first few months with sitecore had me diving into existing 6.5 and 7.x projects, offering development support and pitching in when deadlines were tight. In januari 2015 I was lucky enough to start on a fresh new project in the first release of Sitecore 8.0.

For those interested, besides my tech stuff, I keep another blog with my more creative pass times, wood carving, turning and sculpture. You can find that here. I’m in the process of moving the tech stuff away from this blog, so for the time being you’ll find some duplicate posts there.

You can contact me via twitter or the comments section below each post.