tools and plugins

As a developer I find myself gathering tools, plugins, links and so on. If it looks useful I’ll install it and give it a go. A lot of these don’t make through the first week and some aren’t even installed more than a day. So I tend to make lists of the useful ones in case I need to install a new dev environment. I’ll skip the usual ones like you favourite DLL decompiler, log parser and performance tools as there are enough lists out there for them.

Browser goodies

The last couple of years I’m using chrome as my primary browser, so all these plugins are for my primary browser.

Edit this cookie

This one allows you to change the contents of a cookie. Great for testing. Quick and easy.


Ip addres and domain information Say my site is running in different regions spread across the globe and something is wrong. Which server am I currently viewing? this plugin displays the IP address and geographical location of the server.


Markdown preview plus

I was looking for an easy way to view my mardown documentation files, without having to compile them. Enter Markdown preview plus, it lets you view markdown documents as HTML


Sonar / Yslow

Is your site slow? Do you like awake at night wondering where it all went wrong? These plugins will shed some light on why the page is slow(er)



Want to see what that international site look like to a foreign visitor? Use this plugin to switch your location so you can test the site from another country


Visual studio extensions

We all know about Resharper, StyleCop and other great extensions. So here are few you might not know about. The first one allows you to change what is shown in the title bar. this is very useful in case you have multiple banches in TFS. and you have opened several VS’s. This plugin helps you by letting you define how many parent folders are shown in the title bar. That way the branch name can become visible.

To change the settings go to tools > options > rename VS Window Title

Custom VS title

Custom VS title

The second extension (VS 2013 version) allow you to add lists of project links. Again I use this to have links to all the branches of my current working project on my start page. No screen shot here, as I don’t want to create all those dummy solutions. just check out the link it has all the info you need.

The final one allows you to edit and preview markdown documents. Perfect for quick documentation.